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Let's face it. Computer technology is everywhere in our modern world.
Your child needs to learn that technology so they can thrive in the 21st century.

But how can you keep up with this fast moving field and find a way to teach it at home?
You'll find plenty of help here.

On our site you will find Answers to your questions about computers, Articles on homeschooling, and sample Lessons from our new product -

Introduction to Computers - Middle School

Release 1.3 Now Available

This 9 week unit study introduces your middle-school student to the basics of computers.

Parents/Teachers: This course is designed to minimize the amount of the teaching you have to do.
You don't need to understand computers to use this course, and the installation is easy.

Your child will learn
When significant events in the history of computers occurred,
Who the pioneers of computers were,
How computers work, and
Why they work that way.

Click here for more information about the course.
Click here for sample lessons from the course.
Click here for sample screenshots from the course.
Click here for the complete course syllabus.

To purchase "Introduction to Computing", please see your home school supplier,
or click the button below to buy it now with a secure credit card transaction.

This is a secure credit card transaction, through one of the most respected credit card processors on the web.

System Requirements: "Introduction to Computing" works with systems running Microsoft Windows XP, minimum 1000 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 56 MB free disk space.

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Home Answers Articles Lessons Products SiteMap AboutUs Good News!

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